Modern Luxury

The luxury of escape is defined by comfort. Soft, light and airy, the perfect sanctuary to fall into for a better night’s sleep.

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Our philosophy

A Name to Trust

The Suprelle® fiber family by ADVANSA is continually bringing conscious innovation in comfort, performance and technology to pillows, comforters and mattress pads. Superior quality married to superior product experience is what makes us the leading name to trust for your bedding needs.

Our difference

Research, Manufacturing, Testing

Our engineers are forging ahead and are driven by the belief that valued innovations will become the catalyst for change and improvement in quality home textiles products. Precision and care will always be taken with the goal of making exceptional products more accessible to more customers globally.

Our approach

Keep It Simple.

The new luxury is convenience, reliablility and design with your lifestyle in mind. Experience what Suprelle® has brought to Europeans for the better part of the last decade — the luxuries of comfort, ease of care and lasting, consistent product experiences.

Our message is simple... expect the best. We specialize in making you our priority.