Not just fluff

What if the consumer didn’t have to choose between superior product and sustainable product? Technology that cares is our mission to innovate superior AND sustainable fiber fill solutions to add to your offerings. Build a better tomorrow, today.



Every minute of every day the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic enters the ocean. If we don't take action now, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

Our partner in sustainability, Plastic Bank diverts the flow of plastic from the ocean by establishing a collection system in under-privileged coastal regions with poor waste systems. Their mission is to reduce ocean plastic while reducing poverty by empowering communities to recycle through collection in exchange for money, goods or services.

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Technology that Cares is our mission to consciously innovate superior and sustainable fiber fill solutions, combining the best in comfort and conservation. Our next generation fluff is pure and premium fiberfill made with polymer derived from recycled bottles.

Our line of Sustainable fiber fluff is produced with less CO2, less land and less water. ADVANSA’s current annual production made with Technology that Cares saves the equivalent of over 2,000 trips by flight around the world in CO2 compared to standard virgin fiberfill production."


We’re proud of these labels:


A better tomorrow.




“Our Suprelle® fluff brings technology, innovation and sustainability to the forefront.
Our Sustainable Series uses 100% recycled materials backed up with our independent certification.
In addition, our Suprelle Blue line has made a positive social impact on people living in lesser developed countries.
Comfort, combined with these assurance levels, guarantees Suprelle® fluff is at the heart of a good night’s sleep.”